Pigtail Catheter & Set (PCN)

  • Used for per-cutaneous placement in the renal pelvis for nefro stormy drainage
  • Also used to drain urine and stone fragments from bladder through direct insertion into the urethra
  • Highly radio-opaque for better visualisation
  • Flower design with wings for better anchoring
  • Rounded off tip reduces trauma to the tissue
  • Sizes: Diameter 10Fr to 20Fr, Length 25 and 30 cm


Product CodeDescriptionDiameterLength
PC730Pigtail Catheter 7fr/30cm7fr30cm
PC830Pigtail Catheter 8fr/30cm8fr30cm
PC1030Pigtail Catheter 10fr/30cm10fr30cm
PCTN1022Pigtail Catheter with Trocar Needle 10fr/22cm10fr22cm
PCTN1222Pigtail Catheter with Trocar Needle 12fr/22cm12fr22cm
PCTN830Pigtail catheter with Trocar Needle 8fr/30cm8fr30cm
PCTN1030Pigtail Catheter with Trocar Needle 10fr/30cm10fr30cm
PCTN1230Pigtail Catheter with Trocar Needle 12fr/30cm12fr30cm


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