Nottingham Dilator

  • User for one step dilation of the intramural portion and ureter
  • Also used to inject using female luer adaptor at proximal end
  • Designed to be used over 0.038″ guidewire
  • 4cm Taper length, overall length 60 to 70 cm
  • Diameter 8/4Fr, 10/5Fr, 12/6Fr, 14/7Fr, 16/8Fr


Product Code Description Diameter Length
ND84F70 Nottingham Dilator 8/4fr/70cm 8/4fr 70cm
ND105F70 Nottingham Dilator 10/5fr/70cm 10/5fr 70cm
ND126F70 Nottingham Dilator 12/6fr/70cm 12/6fr 70cm
ND147F70 Nottingham Dilator 14/7fr/70cm 14/7fr 70cm



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